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As a dance educator, Olivia gives her all -- from mentoring and training young dancers around the world to headlining exclusive events. From hip hop to ballroom, from commercial to heels, from her work as a choreographer to top performer, Olivia pours all of her training and experience into every class and student. She strives to push the dancer to step outside their comfort zone and embrace all that they are -- focusing on the lines of the body, dynamics, control, confidence and unleashing one’s true power. Her work has been widely featured including in Dance Magazine and, BUST Magazine, Hamptons Magazine,The New York Times, and other media.

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Starting private sessions with Olivia is the best decision I've made, not only for my dancing and artistry, but as a person. Her patience, knowledge and ability to explain and break things down is unparalleled. 

- Ianthe, Bedford England 

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